Workwear and PPE

Workwear & P.P.E – Buyers Checklist / What should you be looking for?

When it comes to choosing your workwear and PPE, it’s important to consider the following questions.

  1. Where is my garment made? Has the production facility been fully audited to the highest standards? Is the production facility certified to article 11B?
    Article 11B of the PPE Directive 89/686/EEC: – Requires the manufacturer to evidence using their quality system that consistent production of the certified Cat 3 product is maintained. 11B assessments are carried out by independent registered certified auditors on a regular basis while the item of PPE remains in production. Unannounced audits of the manufacturer’s site can take place where all documented evidence must be made available for assessment.
    We can provide proof of compliance on request.
  1. What tests have been carried out on the garments, and not just the fabric?
    All of our garment styles have been tested individually to the following standards where appropriate. We can provide a copy of all current certificates to support the level of protection being offered.
  2. Is the garment / item fit for purpose?
    Over the past 15 months the developers have worked not only on the 3c’s – compliance, conformity, certification, but have also added a fourth which is comfort. User satisfaction in all areas of the 3c’s is paramount to the correct and proper usage of the items provided. Every feature has been thought through from the pockets arrangements to the triple stitching in key stress areas. The fabric has been developed to allow soft flexible comfort without compromising the protection.
  3. What sizes of items do you stock?
    In many cases up to size 58” chest and short, regular and long leg lengths in some styles.
  4. What about waterproof garments?
    We have waterproof workwear which conforms to EN 343.Contact us for further information.

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