For businesses large and small, storage space can often be at a premium, so why fill it with your packaging stock?
With our Stock & Serve facility, we physically hold your packaging stock in our central warehouse meaning it is available to you on a next working day basis.

We will work together with you to implement min/max stock levels for your products. We also provide stock reports detailing current stock levels, usage and what stock we have on order on your behalf. This can be customised to your individual requirements and sent to you weekly, fortnightly or monthly. .

Another major benefit of Stock & Serve is increased cash flow because you only pay for what you need as and when you need it..

Here are a couple of examples of how our Stock & Serve Solution has helped our customers:
One of our customers was using three storage containers in their yard as additional storage space. By taking advantage of our Stock & Serve facility, not only were they able to remove these containers and therefore save on rental costs, they were able to free up an additional 22 pallet spaces in their main warehouse and reduce their packaging stock holding from £31,000 to £6,000.

Another of our customers decided to look at the amount of warehouse space their packaging stocks were taking up - business was growing and although it was great to get some good pricing through bulk buying, it was putting an ever-greater pressure on warehouse space.
Through working with Pitreavie Group, they freed up in excess of 100 pallet spaces. Also, by only buying packaging when they needed it, not only did their cashflow improve but because we had agreed min/max stock levels for all their packaging products, they always had stocks available to cover any unforeseen spikes in demand.

Contact us today to find out how our Stock & Serve Solution can save you money and help free up warehouse space.
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