Pitreavie Group has enabled a multinational brewery and pub chain based in Scotland to make significant savings to their packaging costs as well as improve the efficiency of their warehouse thanks to their innovative approach to packaging solutions.

The company had been ordering their packaging in bulk from a packaging supplier in England. However, as their business grew at a rapid pace, they became frustrated at the growing lead times and irregular deliveries as well as an increasingly large stock of packaging needing to be held on site. With Pitreavie’s proactive approach they have helped transform their packaging process through its Stock & Serve solution. Reaping the benefits by saving precious time, money and space.

As part of Pitreavie’s Stock & Serve solution, the majority of the breweries packaging materials are being held locally in a Pitreavie Group facility meaning that they can call off stock as required, for same or next day delivery. Not only does this allow them to maximise warehouse capacity, they are assured in the knowledge that Pitreavie has stocks at all times to meet any peaks in demand.

Thanks to the partnership built between Pitreavie and the multinational brewery and the success of the Stock & Serve solution, Pitreavie went from  stocking a few products to now supplying a broad portfolio of products, all of which are available when required.

With Pitreavie’s unique approach, the company is not only benefitting from a reduction in their packaging costs, but also have continuity of supply on demand.

In addition, the chain is now holding considerably less packaging supplies on their own site which has freed up valuable space in their facility.

Pitreavie Group Sales Director, Gordon Delaney, explained; “Our Stock & Serve facility is ideal for companies who need to be able to cope with large fluctuations in demand or who wish to take advantage of lower unit costs without tying up cash and  warehouse space.

To find out more about our Stock & Serve solution, click here.

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