Foam box inserts

Packaging Solution Transforms Service and Reduces Costs for High Value Products

Pitreavie Group has helped one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of industrial electromagnetic and hydraulic clutches and brakes to improve their quality of packaging to overall dramatically reduce costs.

The company were experiencing issues with their previous supplier. Lead times were getting longer and the reliability of their service was becoming a real issue.

With an extensive range of over 50 products, including many large, awkward items, Pitreavie Group worked with the client to understand the products being shipped and the issues they were facing.

Whilst the lead time was a major concern, the client also highlighted an issue with a large number of items being returned due to damage during transit, which not only resulted in financial loss but also impacted on customer relationships.

Pitreavie designed a solution with boxes, layers and fitments all with a higher grade of board which would hold the products in place and provide greater protection during transit.

The impact was quite dramatic with returns reduced to virtually zero and with Pitreavie delivering their Stock & Serve solution from the Aberdeen depot, just 10 minutes away from the client’s premises, lead time was completely minimised.

Pitreavie’s Stock & Serve solution provides clients with a continual supply of stock by holding stock in their premises which can be called upon at any point. With regular stock reports and constant communication, Pitreavie are able to manage stock levels to accommodate fluctuations in demand without taking up valuable space in the client’s premises.

To find out more about Pitreavie’s Stock & Serve solution as well as their full range of packaging and industrial supplies solutions, click here.

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