Nexgen - revolutionary wrapping technology

NexGen Revolutionary Wrapping System Could Slash Your Cost Per Pallet

The Pitreavie Group’s NexGen high performance wrapping technology is enabling hundreds of companies to improve the protection they are providing to pallets whilst dramatically reducing the cost per pallet thanks to its advanced nano-technology

The super-strength films enable clients to increase the level of protection to their pallets whilst using 25-50% less film, delivering huge savings over the course of a year.

The ultra-slim NexGen films have been redesigned and reconstructed by some of the world’s leading manufacturers to take advantage of new technologies which enable the product to be stretched up to 300% without compromising on strength.

Pitreavie Group Sales Director, Gordon Delaney, explained, “The NexGen films are turning the world of stretch wrapping on its head. For years the industry has been focused on the mu thickness of the film and the price per metre.”

He argues that the only things they should be focused on is the price per pallet and the failure rate during transport.

He continued, “The NexGen films are substantially thinner than traditional products, however, they outperform them in every way, meaning our customers need to use less film to achieve the same level of protection. That’s when you can start to achieve substantial savings – especially for companies who are shipping hundreds of pallets per week.”

The NexGen films are available in rolls from 2100m up to 4500m and can be used in conjunction with most standard pallet wrapping machines.

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